Dr M raises a stink over state of public toilets

PUTRAJAYA: The Prime Minister has voiced his dismay over the condition of public toilets in the country.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that he often inspects public toilets and more often than not, they are smelly and not clean.

“I am very ashamed (of the condition). This is a reflection of our attitude.

“We should feel embarrassed but instead, we feel it is alright (not to keep the toilets clean) because no one will know who does what.

“This shows that we lack civic consciousness in our hearts, ” said Dr Mahathir at the launch of Civic Education on Tuesday (Aug 13).

The Prime Minister said his admiration for the Japanese culture is well known, adding that he was impressed by their high standards of hygiene and how children are taught to look after the environment from an early age.

He also took a swipe at litterbugs and called graffiti an eyesore.

“If three million people in Kuala Lumpur throw cigarette butts indiscriminately, we will be living in a mountain of cigarette butts in no time, ” he said.

Dr Mahathir said civic education was important as it would inculcate good values and ways to be better citizens in children.

“It is my hope that civic education will mould individuals and society to be people who are responsible, concerned and considerate to all.

“With its people being civic minded, Malaysia will be progressive and clean and will be looked upon well by the world, ” he said.

Civic education was re-introduced in June and has been incorporated into Bahasa Melayu, English, Islamic Education, Moral Education and History.

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