HK Actioner ‘Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy’ Serves More Daring Stunts

Touted as Hong Kong’s Mission: Impossible with Hollywood-grade action, Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy has been getting rave reviews and filling cinema halls in China. This reboot sequel reportedly already raked in RMB172mil (RM102mil) on its opening day (Aug 7) in China, with many netizens heaping praise on the depth of brotherly love (between the character’s portrayed by Nick Cheung and Louis Koo) as well as the daring action scenes.

The story revolves around the beloved Chinese concept of brotherhood between childhood friends who lost contact after one of them gets kidnapped by a crime syndicate and ends up being planted as a mole in the police force. The first Line Walker (2016) movie was shot at a dangerous drug enclave in Brazil.

So, to top that, this second movie took them to a bull-fighting festival in Spain. A major action sequence with gun battles and car explosions was also shot on a busy street in Myanmar.

In Kuala Lumpur on Aug 7  to promote his latest action film Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy, Cheung was initially scheduled to attend events with his co-star Koo, who couldn’t make it to the event due to high fever, so he was joined by fellow actor Joe Ma, director Jazz Boon and producer Virginia Lok.

Since Louis Koo couldn’t make it, Nick Cheung (second from right) was joined by actor Joe Ma, director Jazz Boon and producer Virginia Lok at the Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy event in Malaysia.

“This time around, we delve deeper into the brotherhood theme by raising the stakes and giving the audience what they like best about Line Walker. The big action scenes in Spain and Myanmar were simply awesome,” declared Cheung, who plays a police officer with a mysterious agenda.

Having just watched the completed film for the first time before coming to Malaysia, Cheung said he couldn’t hold back his tears during the emotional parts. “Even though I was acting in the movie myself, I couldn’t help being overwhelmed by the powerful feelings evoked in those scenes,” said the award-winning actor who has some 80 films to his name. 

Having said that, Cheung disclosed that he was much affected by director Boon whom he described as an extremely emotional fellow who gets teary-eyed very often.

“From the beginning till the end of the project, he often had tears brimming in his eyes when the focus is on the relationship between the ‘brothers’; whether it was when discussing the script, or directing the scenes, or even editing the footage. I suspect he has some problem with his eyes, which requires treatment,” Cheung joked.

Hong Kong action film Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy reunites its original main cast of Louis Koo, Francis Ng, Nick Cheung. Photo: handout.

Hong Kong action film Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy reunites its original main cast of Louis Koo, Francis Ng, Nick Cheung.

Since the rest of the entourage were from TVB, curious reporters enquired if Cheung was considering making a comeback to TVB to shoot some new television drama series. Hinting that he was getting too old for the punishing filming schedules at the Hong Kong television channel, Cheung laughed it off saying: “Most definitely not. I don’t even want to think about it.” 

Cheung, who made his directorial debut by shooting the 2014 horror movie Hungry Ghost Ritual in Malaysia, has since directed two other films: Keeper Of Darkness (2015) and The Trough (2018).

When asked when he would be directing another film, Cheung replied that helming a film was an extremely demanding job, which was probably a bit too much for him.

“Unless I come across an especially compelling topic, that won’t be happening any time soon,” he said.

 Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy is showing in cinemas now.

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