Jasper Liu Stars In A Movie ‘Sadder Than Sadness’

Actor Jasper Liu is no fan of tearjerker movies, even if he is the star of the hit Taiwanese film More Than Blue.

“I don’t usually like watching sad movies. I like to feel happy and be surrounded by positivity. I know it’s very ironic that I acted in a movie whose (Chinese) title is ‘a story sadder than sadness’,” he says.

The 32-year-old Taiwanese actor explains that he signed up for More Than Blue when he realised that it was a lot more than just a sad story.

“I read the script and found a lot of hope in the story. It’s very inspirational – it’s about loving someone so much that you would do anything for that person,” he says.

More Than Blue is the remake of the 2009 South Korean melodrama of the same name, starring Kwon Sang-woo and Lee Bo-young. In the Taiwanese film, Liu plays K, a terminally ill man who hopes to see the love of his life Cream (played by Ivy Chen) happily married off before he dies.

Audiences have clearly found the film moving as it has been breaking box office records in Taiwan since it premiered there in November. Besides having the biggest opening weekend for a domestic film, it is also the highest-grossing Taiwanese film of the year with more than NT$200mil (RM27mil) in ticket sales so far.

Liu says: “I think audiences were touched by the story because they could relate to the characters.

Story aside, More Than Blue is a very pretty film to watch, whether it is the good-looking people or the postcard-perfect visuals featuring plenty of warm yellow lighting and raindrops. “So many fans messaged me on social media about their relationship stories and how the film has affected their perspective on love,” he said.

Many viewers also told him that they enjoyed the film so much that they have seen it multiple times – a luxury Liu cannot afford at the moment. “I have been so crazy busy and my schedule is so packed that I haven’t been able to catch the film again since the premiere. I think I have a small window in March when I can finally take a breather. As soon as I can, I’ll pack my bags and run off into the mountains in Taiwan and just camp out there,” he says.

The actor has been in hot demand in recent months, starring in back-to-back films as well as television dramas. Besides More Than Blue, he also stars in the TV series My Goddess in which he plays an overworked music producer. Coming up, he is prepping to shoot Netflix original series Triad Princess alongside Taiwanese actress Eugenie Liu.

He says: “I have very long days of work and it gets mentally and physically exhausting. So what I do is, I usually find a quiet spot somewhere, even if it’s on a busy set, close my eyes and just imagine plenty of light.

“As long as I am bathed in that light, I will feel less stressed.” – The Straits Times/Asia News Network

More Than Blue is currently showing at GSC cinemas nationwide.

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